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Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? If so, various factors go into it. Bathroom renovation is an undertaking that requires time and money, thus the need to give it thoughtful consideration and research before diving in.

Your bathroom renovation checklist should have specific considerations like design, budget, contractor, and plumbing, among others.

The article will tell you how to plan your bathroom renovation.

Bathroom renovation done in Townsville with wood look finish floor tiles

Budget Considerations

Today, the internet offers a lot of information, and as a result, you can get the average bathroom renovation cost around your area at the click of a button. However, each renovation project is unique, and what you will spend will vary depending on your bathroom size, the quality of the construction materials, and the intensity of the remodelling. Therefore, before the start of the renovation, establish what you will spend by getting different estimates and setting realistic expectations.

Another major factor to consider is the intensity of this project. The money you will spend depends on the fixtures or accessories you intend to change. You can reduce this cost by adding a few luxuries which can polish a space instead of investing in extras that don’t enhance the room’s functionality.

Plumbing is one area that you should play with because it has a higher likelihood of having issues. Thus, increase the budget for plumbing to take care of any surprises. You can finance the bathroom renovation using a home equity loan, personal loan, or savings.

Once your budget is ready, discuss it with the contractor and agree upon it. Keep track of the spending to ensure you’re within the agreed limits. This will ensure that the actual spending is within the budgeted amounts.

Plumbing Considerations

The tub and shower drain industry standard is 40 mm, and most contractors will recommend that option first. However, you can invest in a more substantial drain to minimize clogging with soap scum, hair, and other debris. Thus, instead of a 40 mm drain, go for 50 mm, which is more expensive when installing but will save you money in the long run due to reduced maintenance cost.

Hire a professional to install your shower floors so that it can be tilted in the right direction and minimize drainage issues. A poorly installed floor will cause water to pool in the shower, which will contribute to slipping hazards and encourage the growth of moulds or mildew.

The sink fixture you choose will affect your plumbing. Your designs can be derailed by protruding pipes that go into the undercarriage of your vanity. Fixing plumbing along the exterior wall is risky during freezing temperatures. Thus, if you fix them inside the exterior wall, then you should insulate them.

Further, a recessed medicine cabinet is an essential hardware for your bathroom because it provides hidden storage space, thus keeping your bathroom clean. Plumbing pipes that run inside the vanity’s wall reduce the space of a recessed medicine cabinet. However, you can reconfigure the plumbing pipes in your bathroom in advance to create room for a recessed medicine cabinet.


Hiring a professional for your bathroom renovation is the best option because it minimizes reworks. However, you should research so that you can find a qualified contractor. One way of getting an expert is by asking for referrals from friends and relatives. It should be a person they have worked with before. You should also ask for photos of their previous bathroom renovations or ask him to provide references from existing customers

The contractor should be a trustworthy person because he will be in your home for an unspecified period. He should also be honest and reliable; thus, their mission statement should align with your values. A right contractor is a person that treats your family and home with respect.

Further, the contractor should provide proof of insurance before hiring them for your bathroom renovation. The contractor’s insurance should cover different aspects of remodelling, such as broken fixtures and materials or poor workmanship.

If the Builder hires a subcontractor for specific tasks, confirm that he has a solid track record as well as a stellar reputation. The main contractor should tell you what specific work he is subcontracting and the completion time. Both professionals should be licensed, and you should confirm their licences from the local municipality’s building department. It’s also essential to ascertain that the potential contractor’s licence is up-to-date and meets the licensing requirements for your bathroom renovation project in your area.

Bathroom Design Considerations

Our recently completed bathroom renovation done in Townsville with marble tiles

Bathrooms are wet places; thus, it’s essential to make them slip-resistant when undertaking a bathroom renovation. One way you can achieve this is by installing small tile sizes and more comprehensive grout lines, which creates friction, thus resistant to slips and falls. You can also install electric heating under the tiles to keep the room warm during the cold season.

Your bathroom needs adequate storage for your essential bathroom products and towels. Having quality cabinetry made from materials that don’t absorb moisture and can withstand daily use will help improve their lifespan.

Install low-maintenance countertops such as granite. Although the material is more costly, it’s easy to clean and is attractive, thus ideal for making a statement. Lighting is another essential feature in your bathroom renovation. You can consider fixing task lighting, decorative lighting, accent lighting, and ambient lighting. These sets will keep off any unflattering shadows and dress up the room.

Based on your budget, you can install tiles or apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls of your bathroom. For instance, you can install tiles in the entire room, or targeted areas such as the shower walls, or vanity backsplash. Alternatively, you can apply a high-quality paint that will keep moulds, and mildew away.

Townsville Directory is a partner you can trust with your bathroom renovation project. The team of talented bathroom designers will give you an appearance that is beyond your expectations. Thus, contact them for your full or partial renovation endeavour.

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